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United Kingdom: Supreme Court rejects government plans to send refugees to Rwanda |  La Tyria

United Kingdom: Supreme Court rejects government plans to send refugees to Rwanda | La Tyria


The five judges of Britain’s Supreme Court told the meeting that they had voted “unanimously” to uphold the defeat of the Court of Appeal, which ruled that the UK government’s plans to deport refugees to Rwanda were illegal.

Under an agreement signed in April 2022, the United Kingdom was able to deport some asylum seekers to Rwanda, where their cases would be heard by local authorities instead of British cases. As a result, the African country’s authorities decided whether to grant them asylum in Rwanda or to deport them to their home countries.

According to information Sky News, a court order by the European Court of Human Rights in June 2022 prevented the first migrant plane from leaving Rwandan territory. Since then, no flights have flown from the UK to Rwanda with refugees.

The president of the Supreme Court, Robert Reid, explained that if the British government’s plans were approved, the processing of asylum claims in Rwanda would put refugees at risk of being returned to their home countries. put them in danger.

According to the BBC, Reid said: “We accept the Home Secretary’s statement that the Rwandan government is celebrating the agreement in good faith”. But he added: “Nevertheless, when we asked ourselves if there were good reasons to believe there was a real risk of a return at the appropriate moment, we came to the conclusion that we did.”

Reid also notes the 100% rejection rate for asylum claims from countries in conflict zones such as Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. It also expressed concern about human rights and political freedom and media in Rwanda.

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The first British minister, Rishi Sunak, was saddened by his downfall. Reports gathered by local media revealed: “This is not the result we wanted, but we have planned all the events for the last few months and we are determined to stop the boats”.

The conservative representative added that the Supreme Court upheld the legality of the policy of sending illegal immigrants to a safe third country and reaffirmed that there is a “Plan B” to continue deporting illegal immigrants.

Also, Sunak says his government will implement the “emergency” law to demonstrate that Rwanda is a “safe” country. Europa Press.

Sunak believes he is ready to present the law immediately and challenge any that fall to the European Court of Human Rights, based in the French city of Strasbourg. “We will not allow a foreign court to stop these flights,” the prime minister said.

As Moon becomes the new Home Secretary, James Cleverley commented: “Our engagement with Rwanda, although bold and ambitious, is only one part of the measures to stop the boats and prevent illegal migration”.

For his part, Conservative Party Deputy Leader Lee Anderson described the fall as “a dark day for the British pueblo” and suggested the government should “ignore the laws” and “put the planes in the air now”. and send them to Rwanda,” British broadcaster LBC reported.

For her part, Haima Begum, director of the NGO ActionAid UK, said of the fallout: “Today we breathe a huge sigh of relief to see this cruel and impossible project get the final verdict it deserves”. “We know that legislative action is possible to restructure the government’s resettlement program for Rwanda. For now, we can only hope that today’s decision will end all cruel detention programs and the hostile environment facing many more migrants,” he added.

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