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Harry and William reunite at Grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral – International

Funeral with military precision Policy Philip, This Saturday, on the 17th Windsor Castle, Happened as it happened He himself had planned: A brief funeral, followed by a forbidden religious service and a private burial. However, due to the corona virus infection, a limited number of guests attended the ceremony.

From the moment his coffin was removed from Windsor Castle to the moment his body was decapitated, in the royal vault of Buckingham Palace, everything was in the Duke’s plans for Edinburgh.

Among the minority, Duke’s coffin was covered with his sword, navy hat and personal standards. “We are impressed by your unwavering loyalty to our Queen, your service to the nation and the Commonwealth, your courage, strength and confidence,” said Windsor Rector David Connor.

Death of Prince Philip, One Man Named for his pragmatism, Raises important questions About the future of British royalty. Initially, his death marked the end of a chapter not only for the British royal family but also for the European monarchy. Philip, from the interconnected world of royalty who ruled Europe before the First World War, was often swept away by time, war or revolution.

The second issue is about longevity Queen Elizabeth II, 21, turns 95 on Wednesday. At the ceremony, the Queen appeared at the official Bentley with a sapphire and joined in the back of the procession, while the national anthem “Got Save the Queen” was played.

In the church, the king sits down to say goodbye to her husband, whom he married when he was a princess, in 1947, and his death leaves her alone at the end of his reign.

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With only 100 months to go until his 100th birthday, Philip, who died on Friday the 9th, was responsible for violating some of the strict rules of the British monarchy. Not only did Royalty remove the function of combing her hair, but it was her intention that the Queen should meet people of various looks.

The prince was born on June 10, 1921, on the Greek island of Korbu, the youngest and only son of Greek Prince Andrew and Danish Princess Alice de Bottenberg. One year after he was born, the family was banished from Greece by a conspiracy, which would mark his life forever.

Conflict rival

His Spartan ways, which began during the school days UK, Therefore, many years before he entered the Naval Academy in Dortmouth, he gained a reputation as a tough man. Many government experts even insist that the iron hand that guided the crisis-stricken family helped the queen fight corruption.

The most recent of these Princes Henry and William, Whose relationship is strained. Precisely because Grandpa’s funeral was the site of reunion between the brothers, because Harry left the royal family and moved to Canada with his wife Megan Markle – today, the couple live in California with their son Archie.

Harry, 36, shook the monarchy when he decided to relinquish his royal duties a year ago. In March, in a bombing interview with presenter Oprah Winfrey, the couple accused the monarchy of racism, and Harry said he felt sorry for his father and brother, which caused unrest in the kingdom. This is Harry’s first public appearance with Royalty after the interview.

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During the eight-minute procession to St. George’s Chapel, William and Harry walked together, carrying the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin behind the Land Rover, but they did not stand side by side. Among them was Peter Phillips, cousin of Princess Annie’s son.

In the church, during the service of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren sat on opposite sides and faced each other. William sat down next to his wife, Kate Middleton, And Harry, alone.

Megan, who is pregnant with her second child, did not go to the UK on medical advice and watched the ceremony on TV. The Duchess of Sussex sent a handwritten letter in memory of Philip and flowers of local descent.

Photographers expect pictures of Harry and Kate talking. The second couple in the next row of the British crown slowed down the steps to reach him, so they walked side by side.

Among those in attendance were Camila Parker-Pauls, Charles’ wife, Duke’s grandchildren and their wives, the Queen’s sister’s children – Princess Margaret, who died in 2002 – and Philip’s three German relatives.

It remains to be seen whether the death of his grandfather will bring Harry and William closer. / COM AFP