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United Kingdom Labor restores Conservative majority in regional elections

United Kingdom Labor restores Conservative majority in regional elections

Madrid, 20 (Europe Press)

UK Labor overturned this Conservative majority by winning two key votes in regional elections in Tamworth, north of Birmingham, and Mid Bedfordshire, north of London. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces the next general election.

In Tamworth, Labor candidate Sarah Edwards narrowly edged her Conservative rival Andrew Cooper with 11,719 votes and 10,403 respectively. Participation in these comics reached 35.9 percent.

Edwards promised that Tamworth had voted for his party’s “positive vision” and for a “fresh start”: “He sent a clear message to (Prime Minister) Rishi Sunak to (Prime Minister) Rishi Sunak, who are sick of this failed government in reverse. It has destroyed the economy and our public services,” he declared.

“These are promises I intend to keep. I am your voice in the Palace of Westminster and I challenge this Government to get a better deal for Tamworth. You have made my firm promise. Although many of us voted for it. Labor will not let them down for the first time,” he told his supporters.

The election follows the September fall of conservative Vice President Chris Fincher, who was accused of abuse of power after handling affairs of his people. The legislator said that these incidents took place while he was working and hence he was acting personally.

Second win overnight

Minutes after learning of Edwards’ victory, the results of the Mid Bedfordshire by-election were made public, where Labor candidate Alistair Strathern won 13,872 votes, followed by Tory candidate Festus Akinbusoye with 12,680 votes. A decrease of 28.6 percentage points compared to the latest results of 2019.

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Strathern, after his victory, said the two results showed the country was “desperate for change” and insisted it delivered a “historic message” and “a historic moment”. “The Labor Party has no veto in anyone’s seat and this evening’s result is a demonstration,” he said, adding that his party’s victory was made possible by a leadership change in its formation.

The area meetings in Mid Bedfordshire took place after they were reduced to a weekly basis in August after MP Nadine Dorries vowed to mount a tough attack on Sunak. The former minister announced in June that she was leaving the communities “with immediate effect” in protest at not being included in Boris Johnson’s honors list.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, said that behind the success of its formation, it was a “fantastic decision that shows that the Labor Party is now at the service of workers and is reshaping the political map”.

Likewise, ha hecho hincapiĆ© en que “victory in conservative strongholds shows that people want a big change”. “The voters of Mid Bedfordshire, Tamworth and the United Kingdom want a committed Labor government to help workers, with an adequate plan to rebuild our country,” he promised.

“For those who put their trust in us and those who want to do so, the Labor Party will work every day in their interests and focus on their priorities. The Labor Party will give back to Gran Brittany its future”, he added.

The double victory was the first time since 1962 that Labor had made gains in regional elections on the same day. It is worth remembering that in mid-July the Conservatives lost support and other key votes in favor of Labor (in Selby). and Ainsty, in North Yorkshire) and the Liberal Democrats (Somerton and Frome).

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