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UK wants G7 “combined sanctions” against Iran

UK wants G7 “combined sanctions” against Iran

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British Foreign Secretary David Cameron met the Israeli President and the German diplomatic chief in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Britain wants the G7 to agree to sanctions against Iran after its attack on Israel, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said on Wednesday.

The reports came after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Herzog in Jerusalem. and Annalena Baerbach, Germany's diplomatic chief.

“It is clear that the Israelis are deciding to act. We hope they will act in a way that contributes as little as possible to escalating the situation and, as I said yesterday, smartly. Tough,” David Cameron said, appealing for Israel's responsibility in responding to the Iranian attack.

“We want to see concerted sanctions against Iran. Britain has, in many ways, led our new sanctions regime, allowing dozens of people into Iran, allowing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps outright. And I think we can do that. By supporting Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis, “To show in a unanimous way that Iran is behind many harmful activities in the region,” he added.

The foreign minister also took advantage To call for a clear message from the G7 against Iran.

“The G7 must give them a clear and unambiguous message,” he said.

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