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UK TV Ratings: Exile drama 'Traitors' attracts record viewers

UK TV Ratings: Exile drama 'Traitors' attracts record viewers

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains details from Episode VIII Traitors.

Traitors It's gaining significant momentum for the BBC.

With just four episodes left, drama Exile Yesterday became the most-watched episode of both seasons, with 4.4 million viewers tuning in, 400,000 more than the previous night's record.

Last season's episodes averaged around 3 million views and steadily improved throughout the season, but this year's episode is even better. This week's episodes are on par with the dramatic Season 1 finale.

Traitors, The programme, which airs three episodes a week at 9pm GMT (1pm PT) and ends next Friday, became the most-watched TV program on UK screens on Thursday, beating BBC News and ITV. Emmerdale It was watched by approximately one-third of all people who watched television at that time. All episodes will be available on iPlayer after the show.

Last night's episode saw Oscar-worthy villain Paul fired after the tensest roundtable discussion ever; He lashed out at his cheating friend Harry Paul. As the show came to a close, Harry and new traitor Andrew were making the final decision on who would be killed off next.

Traitors Produced by All3Media Advanced Squid game: fight It is produced by Studio Lambert and the US version was just released on Peacock. Episode 9 will air tonight.


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