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UK examines traffic light system.  The 'yellow list' should be dropped

UK examines traffic light system. The ‘yellow list’ should be dropped

Oh The UK is expected to announce changes to international travel rules this Friday, including the removal of several countries from the red list.

According to The Times, Turkey is currently expected to be removed from the red list, which includes 62 countries.

According to Sky News, one expert says 12 countries could be removed from the list: Argentina, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

For its part, The Guardian reports that Boris Johnson’s government plans to not only reduce the number of countries currently on the ‘red list’, but also to remove the ‘yellow list’ to ease the rules for international travel.

People with a complete immunization schedule no longer need to comply with additional measures for travel, such as returned PCR tests.

Currently, travelers from countries known as the ‘red list’ have to serve 10 days of isolation at a hotel designated by the authorities and pay 7 1,750 (0 2,030).

Travelers from a country on the green list are required to provide only a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test.

Government sources explain that the ultimate goal is to ease the rules after Labor called for the removal of the ‘yellow list’ to clarify the guidelines on which places are safe and which are not.

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