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UFPel has 23 Educational Projects listed on Fapergs Recital Auxlio Recm-Doutor |  General

UFPel has 23 Educational Projects listed on Fapergs Recital Auxlio Recm-Doutor | General

Professor Carlos Arthur Gallo received the Research Prize for “Memory Politics in Subnational Units: The Work of State Truth Commissions in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paran” (Photo: Divulgao – DP)

Professor Christian Portolato, whose project has been approved for

Professor Christian Portolato, whose project in Biological Sciences 2 has been approved (Photo: Divulgao – DP)

Through the Recm-Doutor Public Aid Notice (ARD), promoted by the Research Foundation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Fapergs), 23 young professors from the Federal University Pellets (UFPel) has approved its projects and leveraged resources to conduct research in science, technology and / or innovation.

The envisaged research projects are included in different areas of knowledge, and are related to scientific and technological development and innovation in Rio Grande do Sul and the country.

The Call for Proposals aims to encourage young researchers to develop research projects focused on science, technology and / or innovation, within the scope of public or private not-for-profit science and technology (ICT) institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Grande do Sul.

According to the Research Coordinator of the Office of the Dean of Research, Ps-Graduao e Inovao (PRPPGI), Marcus Prieto Correa, the announcement is important because it provides the possibility for young researchers, clinicians and those who have championed their thesis in the past five years, to obtain first aid to start their research activities with funding. Britto explains that, in general, these young researchers have difficulty obtaining resources for researching other public notices, precisely because they are competing with older researchers who thus have a higher approach. “The public notice encourages these young professors and researchers to start their research path at the institution with the support, and from there, to define a path that allows them to grow as researchers in an institution that generates scientific knowledge,” he said.

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Professor of Political Science at UFPel University, Carlos Artur Gallo, who was one of those whose major in the field of humanities was contemplated with the research “Memory Politics in Subnational Units: Work of State Truth Commissions in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina highlights” do Paran “highlights three reasons why choice is important. “Firstly, because of the moment of my career, in the early years of my career, there is not always an opportunity to receive funding. Secondly, because of the subject matter of the project, there are difficulties in promoting the humanities, especially in studies on dictatorship and its legacies. Third, because public research funding helps in Zone strengthening.

J of Professor Kristani Follareini Portolato, whose project in Biological Sciences II has been approved, and is the resource for research development that has identified a substance with promising potential for the antidepressant type, 2-phenyl-3 (phenylsilanil) benzofuran (SeBZF1), enables further investigations with a view to understanding How this molecule works in an organism to produce its pharmacological effects, which is a related topic because data from the World Health Organization indicate that the state of depression has worsened globally in recent years and has been exacerbated by the current COVID-19 epidemic. “The resource will be essential to consolidate this young research group from the Laboratory of Molecular Biochemistry and Neuropharmacology and to train qualified human resources by PPGBBio / UFPel at a time of such instability in the political scenario that has negatively affected Brazilian science,” Shadows.

For professor of epidemiology, Incio Crochemore da Silva, who conducted his project “Social disparities in the level of physical activity for leisure: analyzes within and between countries based on national representation surveys” accredited in the field of health sciences, after thinking about them, funding goes to what is Beyond developing the research project itself. “This type of public notice allows research, specific from secondary data, to be conducted, but it includes a series of analyzes and data consolidation at the national and international levels, and it also helps new professors organize their research teams and equipment for future studies,” he concluded.

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Check out the list Fapergs has posted with UFPel professors benefiting from ARD:

Researcher: Under Louise Miseu.

Project title: Use of cellulose nanomaterial as a strengthening and binding agent in tannin anti-flame foams.

Researcher: Bernardo Cooling Limberger.

Project title: Reading processing in minority and additional languages: an eye-tracking study.

Researcher: Carlos Artur Gallo Cabrera

Project title: Memory Politics in Subnational Units: Work of State Truth Commissions in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parán.

Researcher: Caesar Augusto Burning

Project title: Evaluation of the antidepressant effect of 1 2 3-triazoyl-acetophenones in mice.

Researcher: Ccero Coelho de Escobar

Project title: Synthesis and characterization of photocatalysts based on graphic carbon nitride (g-c3n4) with application in heterogeneous photocatalysis under artificial sunlight irradiation of hospital wastewater decomposition.

Researcher: Cristiani Folharini Bortolatto

Project title: Clarification of the mechanisms of antidepressant action of 2-phenyl3 (phenylcylanyl) benzofuran in mice: Focus on the induced glutamate system and l-arg-nogmpc pathway.

Researcher: Daniel Bernardi

Project title: Nanoparticles containing essential oils from piper spp .: a possible strategy for the management of drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) in Brazil.

Researcher: Daniel Paltz da Fonseca

Project title: A Visual Dictionary of Damage to Polychrome Wood Carvings.

Researcher: Fabio Raphael Bascotti Brunn

Project title: Leptospirosis in Rio Grande do Sul: Spatial and temporal determinants and distribution between 2010 and 2021.

Researcher: Philip Mercer Castellani

Project title: The Sound of Racism and Lands: An Aphrodisiac Perspective.

Researcher: Philip Silao Carlos

Project title: Fertilization systems in lowland environments: nutrient dynamics in soils and their impact on yields of soybeans and irrigated rice.

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Researcher: Frederico Schmidt Kramer

Project title: Nice: A tool for the misaligned search for sequence similarity using word embellishment.

Researcher: Gilherme Ribeiro Cora

Project Title: Reducing complexity in encoding and converting video with the help of machine learning.

Researcher: Incio Crochemore Mohnsam da Silva

Project title: Social disparities in the level of physical recreational activity: analyzes within and between countries based on surveys of national representation.

Researcher: Josemara Baldessarelli

Project title: Evaluation of the effect of resveratrol extract and fascinium virgatum on the purinergic and cholinergic system in the central and peripheral nervous system of hypothyroid mice.

Researcher: Lisette Stumpf

Project title: Evolution of soil recovery affected by coal mining in southern Brazil.

Researcher: Massa Kasarin

Project title: Gum disease and associated factors in adults after infection with Covid-19 virus.

Researcher: Matthews Minghetti Ferrer

Project title: Therapeutic regulation of the relationship between structural / morphological modification and multifunctional semiconductor properties.

Researcher: Raphael de Avila Deluces

Project title: Rigid polyurethane biofoam applied as core in sandwich panels.

Researcher: Rakeli Teresenha Vrana

Project title: Trachemys dorbigni as a heavy metal biomarker.

Researcher: Simone Gonalves da Silva

Project title: Curriculum Guidelines for Initial Training for Basic Education Teachers and a Common National Basis for Initial Training for Basic Education Teachers (bnc training): Political networks and impacts on teacher training.

Researcher: Wellington Louise de Oliveira da Rosa

Project title: Evaluating the properties of resins used in 3D printing: Evidence from systematic reviews and laboratory tests.

Researcher: Willian Kaiser Nadaletti

Project title: Applying a Circular and Sustainable Economy to the Canned Peaches and Boiled Rice industries in Rio Grande do Sul: Bioenergy Production, Environmental Planning and Energy.