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Innovation meeting begins a new phase

Thick tip unspecified 05 05 2021Last Friday (04/30), Unimed Ponta Grossa presented the next phase of proceedings related to the Inova Unimed PG meeting, which takes place weekly. With the participation of the CEO and more than 80 employees, the members of the Collaborative Innovation Team opened the meeting with a good-looking video, showing the common situations in all areas, under the slogan “It has always been this way, but can be better.”

Retroactively Then, a retrospective review showed the summary of the programs, projects and other innovation measures that have been implemented in the cooperative since 2018, in order to put context for the employees who were following the live broadcast.

News – Since then, the grandmother has been revealed. The cooperative opened 30 vacancies among all employees interested in experimenting with innovation in practice. Two teams, called teams, will be formed, which will investigate pain in various areas, set a list of priorities and propose solutions to improve the experience of beneficiaries, employees and members.

The first step The first phase consists of those selected who undergo specific training, such as project methodology, operations, and strategic planning Design Thinking.

Split the difference After that, the teams are divided and the field research begins. During the development of the work phases, participants will have deadlines for submitting partial deliveries, and at the end, the proposed solutions will be presented to the Executive Board.

The catalyst – “It is a catalyst to see a project moving forward. Our goal in this special edition is to announce a new phase of a project that has already proven to be a winner. We have reaped a lot of fruit so far, with many topics, solutions and opportunities to participate and discuss on a topic so important that it is innovation “We want this project to be marked in the history of Unimed Ponta Grossa,” said Eduardo Basela de Sousa, CEO.

More participatory – In this special edition, innovation teams have included the employees most participating in the meeting up to the nineteenth and provided them with a personalized shirt, which will contribute to enhancing culture and stimulating innovation in the regions.

Inspiration – inspiration For Francine Tarnowski, the medical account assistant, who has been involved since the first Innova, the initiative has contributed to spreading culture and demystifying preconceptions on the subject. “To innovate, you don’t need big changes and crazy ideas, but to start somehow, to believe that nothing has to stay forever. Every Friday I take part in getting to know the work that is done inside and outside Unimed, and for sure, the new phase of The program is an inspiration to us all. “

About the Innova meeting The weekly online meetings initiative came from the Collaborative Ventures area, along with innovation teams. Every Friday, for about an hour to an hour and a half, employees engage in a conversation with an outside guest, sharing the innovative projects and ideas implemented in the company they work for. The CEO will participate in the meeting as well as a dedicated space for members of innovation teams, who share good innovation practices in the areas in which they work. (Click on Unimed Ponta Grossa)

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