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UFMS discusses the implementation of the Science and Technology Museum in the University City

UFMS discusses the implementation of the Science and Technology Museum in the University City

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The UFMS rectory received a team of consultants at a meeting to discuss the implementation of the Museum of Science and Technology. Vice-Chancellor of the University Camila Otavo and Head of Extension, Culture and Sports, Marcelo Fernández Pereira, welcomed specialists from the region to discuss ideas on exhibition planning.

One of the main goals of implementing the museum is to integrate with the community. The Vice President of the University confirms that culture is important to reconnect people to the university. We want to be a reference, not only regionally, but nationally. We are also working to be an international reference, as it is a long-term plan.”

UFMS already owns the Museum of Archeology (MuArq), located in the center of Campo Grande, but the goal is to bring the community into the university city. “We’ve always dreamed of this. We have a sweat, which is well looked after and very nice, we want to work on integration. We have one and now another is born, we want to enhance our space”, points out Camila Otavo.

The Science and Technology Museum should occupy an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, and is located under the Morenão booths. The Dean of Extension, Culture and Sports says the point is that the public has a transformative experience after the visit. We will have concerts, art and science fairs. To get knowledge fast these days, just go to Google. The museum is different: it will offer an experience, and therefore, it must be dynamic”, emphasizes Marcelo Fernandez.

UFMS discusses the implementation of the Science and Technology Museum in the University City

Museum scientist Dina Jobst declares that the project is still in its early stages. She has been working in the region for more than 25 years and reports that the team listened to professors from various departments with the goal of creating a museum with a regional focus. “We will combine information from different areas. The idea is not to have rooms or partitions, it is to make everything global.”

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Museum designer Gelson Alcantara says the team’s job is to plan what and how the pieces will be displayed. As the name implies, the museum should be technical and use all possible resources in order to promote, entertain and provide interaction with the public. “We will build a discourse on the culture of Mato Grosso do Sul, in all respects, and connect it with technology. We are in the moment of creation, where we are still starting to draw, touching the idea”, says the specialist.

Antônio Sarasá is a restored keeper at Estúdio Sarasá, the company that rents out the gallery project. With a multidisciplinary team, professionals work on the relationship between the past and the future of the project, using technology as the language. “For us the museum is alive. We will seek the knowledge and practices of our ancestors and bring them to the present day. [A ideia é] The relationship of belonging and transformation.

Archaeological Museum

The UFMS Museum of Archeology has resumed in-person visits, and those interested have the opportunity to discover the collection of thousands of prehistoric pieces. The pieces were collected at the archaeological sites of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Visits can be made individually or in groups of up to 10 people without prior notice. For groups with a larger number of people, the appointment should be made at Mashreq verb site. The museum is located on Avenida Fernando Corrêa da Costa, 559, 1st floor. Business hours are 8 AM to 11 AM and 1 PM to 5 PM, contact phone number is (67) 3321-5751.

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Source: Ascom UFMS