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Journalist Anselmo Joyce defends science and says culture is a cultural heritage

Journalist Anselmo Joyce defends science and says culture is a cultural heritage


In an exclusive interview with Journal da Van, of Radio Fan FM in Aracaju, this Thursday the 13th, journalist from Sergipe, columnist for Journal au Globo, Anselmo Gois, classified culture as a cultural heritage rather than a political issue and made an assessment regarding fake news which are being promoted to discredit science in this pandemic process.

“I feel a little defeated… There are times when I think we are walking like a crab, walking backwards, with an agenda that has already been overcome. To me, it is like defeat, I think: “We have done so much that it is not possible, this talk from wartime Cold, that talk is from the past, let’s move on, shall we? I feel defeated in this sense, but at the same time, I have no right to lose hope.”

Anshelmo expressed his opinion on the growing phenomenon of denial, and expressed his regret for the position of the President of the Republic in not adhering to the recommendations of science. “Denying denial is a tragedy. The mask, for example, is an invention that is more than 600 years old, you go to Japan where the Japanese have always used masks as a wall to avoid influenza (…). My president does not wear a mask, is not vaccinated, is terrifying” , He said.

The journalist concluded his speech by talking about cultural denial and criticized the position of the President of the Palmares Foundation, Sergio Camargo, in his desire to change the name of the Foundation. “There are times when I say: Stop the bus I want to get off of. Culture is not a political issue, it is not a right-wing or left-wing issue, it is a cultural heritage.”

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