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Uber to offer pension plans to UK drivers

A Uber Technologies are starting to come into play Providing pension plans for drivers in the UK, Months after the country was forced to grant them labor rights.

In March, Uber re-classified more than 70,000 drivers in the UK as workers following the decision of the country’s courts. The company also offers other rights, such as paid vacations and the minimum wage.

This Friday (24th), the US company announced that drivers will contribute 3% of their income to the pension plan and that drivers can choose to contribute at least 5% of their income to service.

The British company GMB represents Uber drivers in the country and has the right to negotiate on behalf of workers.

Uber and GMB argued that other utility transport companies such as Ola, Bolt and Addison Lee should grant their drivers similar rights.

UK pension plan regulator Uber has taken “positive steps” and called on all companies known as the “kick economy” to put their employees on pension plans.

“As the UK allows the epidemic and companies to recover, the gig economy will continue to grow and all workers who contribute to it will be entitled to their due pensions,” a spokesman said.

The regulator said it would inspect companies that did not involve their employees “voluntarily and immediately,” a spokesman said.

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