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UAB Sorriso offers a Bachelor of Science and Technology

Do you dream of getting a degree, but your class schedule or monthly fees make you insecure? Next, the Polo Open University of Brazil (UAB) in Sorriso will help you.Until Thursday, the 23rd, registration is open for the Bachelor of Science and Technology at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT). Admission to the course will be done in two ways: through a National Secondary School Examination (ENEM) score and an online writing test for those who have not taken any Enem exam since 2018.

The writing test will be held online on April 9, starting at 9:00 am, according to the course model for certified, which will be conducted remotely. Candidates who registered to take the test will be sent a link. For those who are approved, registration will take place on April 24. There are 24 job vacancies for Soriso.

Registration for the operation must be done online, at the electronic address www.ufmt.br/ingressoead or http://www.concursos.ufmt.br/Portal/ to midnight on the twenty-third; The registration fee has been set at R$90.00 (Ninety Brazilian Real).

Check out the full ad:

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Text: Claudia Lazzarotto

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