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MS Students of Science from Mato Grosso do Sul take to the USP Exposition

MS Students of Science from Mato Grosso do Sul take to the USP Exposition

Taking the flag from Mato Grosso do Sul to São Paulo, 15 students from Mato Grosso do Sul are finalists in Febrace (Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair), at the University of São Paulo (University of São Paulo), which has been taking place since Monday (20).

In all, students are responsible for 6 projects, which are submitted on Wednesday (22nd) and Thursday (23rd). Among them is student Elise Lissa, 17, from IFMS (Federal Institute for Multiple Sclerosis).

With the project “3D Printing: A Resource in Teaching Acid-Base Equivalence” she is the only one of the six to submit work on their own, under the guidance of Professor Tatian Araujo. The achievement is the result of a lot of effort and years of dedication, according to Elise’s mother, Christina Lisa, when Media Max newspaper.

“She never caused me any trouble with my studies. She always dedicated me. It was such a surprise. We were so proud, because we didn’t even imagine that she would represent IFMS and the State of MS,” says the mother.

According to her proud mother, Elise always spent hours and hours studying. to enter the institute [IFMS] He studied a lot, last year in the last year of the IT technician course, he studied 4 to 5 hours. outside school hours. And at every stage of the UFMS Pass, he also studied. I took first place in UFMS for the 2023 Software Engineering course,” says Christina.

Elise’s work is one of five IFMS projects that were finalists at the USP event. The sixth project of the Colégio Militar de Campo Grande. The full list can be found By clicking on this link.

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IFMS is in the lead

In 2023, the region sent 13 works, two from Mato Grosso, two from the Federal District and three from Goiás. In Mato Grosso do Sul, five of the six classified projects belong to the institute. The surveys obtained the rankings through participation in science and technology exhibitions organized by the Foundation.

“IFMS has a great history in FEBRACE. For a few years now we have been the country with the most accredited projects in the region. This year, the story has remained the same. The result of a lot of investment and institutional efforts in partnership with other institutions. Participation in FEBRACE is a very enriching experience for our students and professors It is an opportunity to meet researchers from all over the world and to get to know them,” explains Professor Vitor Cuadros Altomare Sanchez, Director of Research at IFMS.


a Vibras It has been implemented by USP since 2003 with the aim of stimulating interest in science and engineering among young people in basic education, involving teachers in developing innovative pedagogical practices in schools and bringing public and private schools closer to universities

The business fair focuses on investigative culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, annually bringing together students and teachers from elementary school (8th or 9th grade), secondary schools and technical schools.

This news was published on March 22, 2023 17:23