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Twitter: “Breaking” apps after Elon Musk’s decision

Twitter: “Breaking” apps after Elon Musk’s decision

Twitter has begun limiting the amount of tweets each user can access per day, as well as requiring an active account to view content posted on the social network.

Elon Musk’s new decision was prompted by the “aggressive aggregation of data” from AI companies and ended up affecting not just the social network, but the entire microblogging ecosystem.

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What happened

  • Tweetdeck, for example, one of the most popular apps on the platform, has gone out of business.
  • Users have reported that the service has gone into an infinite loop and is no longer able to update the feed in columns.
  • Experts say the change affected the exchange of information on the social network with the service and may have triggered a DDoS attack false alarm.
  • according to EngadgetThe workaround is to use the beta version of Tweetdeck, however the app is also subject to tweet restrictions.

Even Google is showing 52% fewer titles related to Twitter in searches since last Friday (30), according to the Search Engine Roundtable. Recent posts still show up in searches, but indexing has also crashed, affecting millions of pages.

Elon Musk blames bots for forcing login

  • Musk said this type of blocking, which is common on networks like Instagram and Facebook, is temporary.
  • According to the Twitter owner, the companies were hogging servers for information mining.

This practice is known asScrapping historyThrough bots, startups and companies are able to collect user information. This type of access tends to grow more and more, as artificial intelligence (AI) appears in more solutions and needs to learn how to respond and generate scripts on more complex topics.

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What does Twitter say?

The company promises that the restrictions on viewing tweets are temporary, as are the new login requirements, however, a date for lifting the restrictions has not yet been released.

with information from Engadget

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