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Find out what the electricity bill will look like for the month of July, Farol de Notícias

Find out what the electricity bill will look like for the month of July, Farol de Notícias

Posted at 06:15 this Monday (3)

by Metropolis 1.

On Friday (30/6), the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEL) announced that the month of July will continue while maintaining the green tariff flag on the electricity bill, i.e. there are no additional charges for the consumer. ..

“Keeping the green flag is an encouragement to citizens, who are increasingly aware of conscious energy consumption,” says Aneel General Manager, Sandoval Feitosa.

The agency expects to maintain the green tariff flag throughout 2023. The electricity bill has been running without surcharges since April 2022, when hydroelectric power plant reservoirs showed a good storage index.

See the additional cost of each flag on your electric bill:

  • Green flag: no extra charge;
  • Yellow flag: R$2,989 per 100 kWh consumed;
  • Red Flag Level 1: R$6,500 per 100 kWh consumed; that it
  • Level 2 red flag: R$9.795 per 100 kWh consumed.

It’s raining

The electricity produced in Brazil comes mainly from hydroelectric power plants. As a result of good rainfall, it is expected that it will not be necessary to use thermoelectric plants, which are more expensive and responsible for increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2021, Brazil experienced a serious water crisis. At the beginning of the second half of that year, reservoirs in the Southeast and Midwest regions, which are responsible for nearly 70% of the country’s water storage, showed levels below 30%.

In an effort to balance expenses with power generation, Anil raised the tariff red flag to two. At that time, the federal government began to use more energy produced in thermal power plants.

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