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Trump Says Iran Attacked Israel Because US Shows 'Great Weakness'

Trump Says Iran Attacked Israel Because US Shows 'Great Weakness'

oh Iran launched a drone attack against Israel Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the November election, said this Saturday (13/04) that it demonstrates the “great weakness” of the United States under the government of Democrat Joe Biden.

“God bless the people of Israel. They are being attacked now because we have shown great weakness,” the former president declared at a rally in Pennsylvania.

Iran's attack ended after about two hours, according to Iran's mission to the United Nations. In his profile on X, he stated that the attack was carried out in self-defense after destroying Tehran's embassy in Damascus, Syria, claiming it was Tel Aviv.

“This matter can be considered closed. However, if the Israeli regime makes another mistake, Iran's response will be significantly harsher. This is a confrontation between Iran and the Israeli regime, from which the United States must stay out,” the profile wrote. .

(AFP and Guilherme Botacini/Folhapress)

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