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Trump says Biden will drop out and Kamala Harris will run

Trump says Biden will drop out and Kamala Harris will run

In a leaked video clip obtained by Al Bawaba Daily Beastformer president of we Donald Trump is strongly critical of Joe Biden and suggests the president will drop out of the presidential race.

“He dropped out, as you know, he’s dropping out of the race,” Trump said. “I took him out of the game — which means we now have Kamala [Harris]”

The photos show Trump sitting in a golf cart next to his son Barron and asking a group of people how they did in the last debate. People respond with praise for the former president.

“We beat that broken pile of garbage,” Trump said of Biden. “He’s a bad guy.”

Trump added that he considered Harris a worse choice for Democrats. “She’s very bad, very pathetic,” he said. “She’s bad.”

Harris is seen as a potential replacement if Biden drops out of the presidential race.

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Trump then returns to criticizing Biden, questioning his ability to deal with leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

“They announced he was likely to resign,” he added. “Keep hitting him, huh?”

Asked about the video, the Trump team said every Democrat calling on Joe Biden to withdraw “was once a supporter of him and his failed policies, which have led to hyperinflation, open borders and chaos at home and abroad.”

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Biden tells allies he’s considering pulling out of US election

United States President Joe Biden He is considering a possible withdrawal from the re-election race. In the country’s presidential elections in 2024. The newspaper on Tuesday 3 New York times He spread the information he heard from the politician’s allies.

According to sources close to Biden, he has doubts about whether he will be able to rise again in public opinion after his performance was considered weak in the first election debate.

Still according to the information received from The New York TimesAlthough this is the first time allies have confirmed their doubts about the candidacy, Biden is showing signs of wanting to continue in the race for the White House.