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Meet Barney, the giant dog who "shocked" the internet because of his size

Meet Barney, the giant dog who “shocked” the internet because of his size

A giant dog of the Boerboel breed that has conquered the hearts of its human sisters, has now conquered the hearts of netizens.

The two-and-a-half-year-old is named Barney and is a South African Mastiff (also known as Boerboel), lives with his family in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

More recently, a post shared by its owner, Phil Smith, went viral on Facebook, revealing the size difference between him and the kids in the house.

In the photos, which have already garnered more than 17,600 likes, Barney can be seen gently playing with his “little sisters” 6-year-old Winnie and 12-year-old Macy, now lying in bed wearing pink now heart-shaped glasses.

“He’s the sweetest dog ever!” said Phil. “He loves to play in the off-leash park. He’s our only dog, so he’s best friends with our four cats and the Border Collie, who visits daily.”

And what’s great, it’s protective! He takes care of his family with the greatest zeal, and no one can only approach the people he loves.

Since his size is not proportional to his hunger, Phil claims to be large but not “gluttonous”.

“Barney is very picky and it’s surprising that he doesn’t eat much, as you can see in his lean muscle mass,” Smith said.

In the post, many netizens commented on the dog’s allergy with children, while others did not believe it was real.

Someone shouted, “Oh my God, would he be so cute!?!”.

“I’m in love! You can see how precious it is. What a tender love! That face!” Another praise.

“Is this dog real? It’s a giant.”

A third commented, “Love him!!!! Look at his size! The size of his head!!!”.

Really great Barney! This breed was originally bred by farmers to protect their lands from fierce predators, and their African name Boerboel proves this. “Boer” is an Afrikaans word meaning “farmer”, while “Boel” is a slang word meaning “dog”.

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