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Trapped, Sister confronts Davy about voting for BBB 24

Trapped, Sister confronts Davy about voting for BBB 24

After the formation of Paredao this Sunday (31), from BBB 24, Betel was put in the spotlight due to the total number of votes in the council. The sister was chosen by the Fadas group, which has larger numbers, and now makes her first appearance in the spotlight alongside Alane and Beatriz. This Monday (1), the social worker confronted Davey about the nomination.

“Out of everyone, I was most curious about you. What did you have so much to say about me in the confessional? I want to know, if only you wanted to tell me too,” Beetle asked.

The app driver returned to the conversation that took place between the two in the kitchen, When his sister pointed out that he was preparing a feast for the house after starring in the huts. “I said that every time I do something in the kitchen, it's always after I've fought with people. No, I do it because I love doing it, it's my thing. That was my argument I used. And I said from my point of view we are all players.” I don't want to underestimate or overestimate anyone. “But from my point of view, when you are a leader, there are no arguments that are considered arguments in terms of the game,” the brother said.

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Duffy also explained to his sister the arguments she was using against her ally in Sincereau. “From a point of view also, when we walk through this door, we have to judge people, and here it is a game of judgment and you have to compromise, and here it is a game of commitment. You have to commit to judging people. I don’t want to get involved, but this is something I noticed…”

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“The other day you were in Sincereau, the Big Bad Wolf… I noticed that you talked about Beatrice, that you had a conflict with her and everything. In your arguments you said that She looked like something inside here, happy like that, and outside she wasn't.. Then I asked myself, I thought about the words. There was the chief's party, and he was spending it selling strawberries and everything. We cannot judge people from the outside, but rather what is inside them.”

“But that was exactly the argument I used,” Bittle explained. When I talked to her, I knew what she was going to say: “This is my way.” I don't know any of you there.”

“Sometimes our words sound a certain way,” Duffy replied. The sister explained: “No, but I didn’t talk about that. I said exactly what you were referring to, I don’t know her there. There I can’t judge. That's what you said there, it doesn't seem natural to me. And I'm not talking about happiness. I'm talking about the excess of ads within the program. So much so that when she came she went into the kitchen to answer me, I don't know if I was, so she took the cream in her hand and said the following sentence, “I'm doing exactly this, I'm in Globo.” And that's exactly what I've pointed out in Since then, I've pointed out that it feels unnatural to me, not because of the way she does, but the way she does things.

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