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Tivoli celebrates its 100th anniversary with two years of celebration (and lots of programming)

Tivoli celebrates its 100th anniversary with two years of celebration (and lots of programming)

It was in 1924 when businessman Frederico de Lima Mayer founded what was then called Cine-Teatro Tivoli. It began as a large cinema in the city, and although Sétima Arte is no longer a mainstay of the house, the building on Avenida da Liberdade has since become an eclectic and consistent space for culture. The centenary celebrations, which will be held in 2024, begin on November 30, the 99th anniversary day, with… Bat, a Strauss operetta in a concert version, presented by the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos. And until 2025, there’s plenty to see and hear, including a new show by Gregorio Duvivier.

Honoring Tivoli’s roots and demonstrating its ambitions for the decades to come. This is what the theater director, Paulo Dias, and the current director, Anna Carvalho, propose through the programming cycle announced on Tuesday, September 19. “We are very happy with what we have achieved recently and we want to share this with you from November 30 until November 30 next year, which is the day we turn 100 years old, and then another year.” [2025]Because we no longer know where we will put all the projects we have, said Paulo Dias, adding that he intends to reach at least 200,000 spectators during these two years of celebration.

In total, more than 250 theatre, dance, cinema, music and entertainment sessions are planned for families. Of particular note are the free admission activities that take place in the different spaces of the theatre, from the foyer to the attic, and include a cinema session (scheduled for February, on weekends), another conference session, as well as several children’s concerts and shows. As for the box office hits presented annually at the Tivoli Theater – namely the show of the magician Luis de Mattos, the Commedia à la Carte and the cinema sessions within the scope of LEFFEST – there are no less than 30 other national and international productions. , from countries such as Spain, Argentina, Canada, France, the United States of America, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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Entertainment for all ages

In the field of music, in addition to the operetta that opens the commemorative program on 30 November, there are ten concerts scheduled for 2024. Of particular note are those performed by the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, on 22 January, 19 February and 27 May. ; That of Hermann José, which marks his return to Tivoli (of which he was already the owner). From treble clef to treble clef LolOn stage on January 26th. And the show enormous! Aznavour With Jules Grison, who celebrates the centenary of French composer Charles Aznavour, on February 26.

The skeleton shook with more or less emotion, count on it The unknown for the month of Aprilwith Giulio Resende, Joana Alegre, Ruggero Charaz, José Vialho Gouveia, and João Afonso, on January 29; Women are weapons, with Ana Bacalhao, Katia Guerrero, Vivian, Rita Redshuis, Patricia Silveira, Patricia Antunes, Luanda Cosetti and Sofía Escobar, on February 28; Noisserv, First Post-Coma Breath and Mateus Music Ensemble, on May 20; that it We deserve to be happy, with Ivan Lenz, on June 10. In the future, a concert with the Gulbenkian Orchestra will also be confirmed on November 30, the day of its centenary.

In terms of dancing and performances he wrote Swan Lakefor the Kiev Ballet, December 1-3; Tango foreverby Argentine Luis Bravo, from January 19 to 21; Carmina Buranafrom Vortic Dance Company, May 9-12; CarmenWith Ballet Español de Murcia, June 7-9; that it Symphony of sorrows that it cantataBy the National Ballet on June 15 and 16.

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As far as the theater is concerned, only the first performances happy birthday, an award-winning comedy arriving in Portugal by director João Baiao, from January 11 to 13; that it imaginationDirected by Brazilian directors Rodrigo Portela and Vera Holtz, shot from February 6 to March 2, 2024.

For families, the program begins on December 7th The little princeIt is produced by Broadway Entertainment Group and continues until the 16th of the same month. This will be followed by the return of Stomp, between March 5 and 31, and Slava snow showbetween April 3 and 14, among many other surprises.

In parallel, materials and testimonies are also being collected in order to launch a book and a documentary on the history of Tivoli. If you have notes and publications more than 50 years old at home, your experiments will probably appear alongside those of names like Antonio Sala and Giulio Isidro.

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