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Tinder and other dating apps offer a ‘vaccine’ filter

Fixing your match made during infections is complicated, isn’t it? After all, according to safety standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health authorities, it is not allowed to congregate. With this, dating apps like Tinder have made it possible for vaccinated users to have a “vaccine” sticker on their profile photo and to have bonuses on immunization-promoting sites across the country.

Applications such as Tinder, Match, Kiel, Bumble, Bedouin, Numerous Fish, Evertime and Musmatch signed the agreement with the British Government. In this context, 59% of the country’s 67 million people have already been vaccinated.


However, there is no way to verify whether the individuals who claim to have been vaccinated are actually immunized. As a result, some apps include offers for those who have been vaccinated, free credit or profile development, virtual rose donation and access to premium features such as “Super Likes”.

In addition, Bumble will allow its members to share options such as social detachment, wearing masks and whether users are comfortable dating in crowded places.

Nadeem Jahawi, the British secretary in charge of vaccination programming, commented on the initiative, describing it as an “asset” to the local vaccination program.

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According to a study by Yukov, a research firm with about 5,000 adults in the UK, 28% of respondents said they would not date anyone who has not been vaccinated. Another 2% said they would not date with someone who has been vaccinated.

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In Brazil, some dating users use the hashtag #vacinado in a different way. But even with the initiative of applications in the UK, there are concerns about the status of vaccination and privacy within the country.

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