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Tina Castro is breaking her silence on the controversy

I was very disturbed by the lies that were made up about that episode. First: the voice was not my voice. It wasn’t me who caught Cecilia’s attention.

Tina says she and Edir Militau told Caroline, who reprimanded Cecilia:

From the first moment, we made sure to make this clear to the mother. She always knew the kids were playing and the babysitter she hired was at the scene. I wasn’t even in the same environment. But they were keen to paint a different picture on social media, which was not true. They took it completely out of context and even said I treated the girl badly.

The influencer highlights that she always treats her current boyfriend’s daughter very well: “When I’m with Cecilia, I treat her with the same affection as my children. I preferred not to speak publicly at that time, specifically to try to keep the children safe, but that lie always comes back.”

Regarding Militao’s relationship with his daughter, Tina said: “He is a great father. This, in fact, is what I like most about him. When it comes to his daughter, he never fails at anything. He does everything to achieve it.” Cecilia is fine.”

Remember the audio argument:

It all started when Mago Militao, Eder Militao’s sister, opened a live broadcast on social media. In the background, a female voice could be heard scolding Cecilia, Caroline, and Militao’s two-year-old daughter.

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