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This is what science says about using warm colors on your walls – Metro World News Brazil

This is what science says about using warm colors on your walls – Metro World News Brazil

There are dozens of studies on the effects of colors on humans. Let's focus on warm colors. It has been proven that colors affect us not only on an emotional and psychological level, but also on a physical level, says expert on the subject Edgar Muñoz, psychologist at Tecnológico de Monterrey on the campus of the University of Zacatecas. He explained, “Colors are the brush in our lives, and they have the ability to play with our perception. Color can take you from complete calm to extreme joy.”

He said that day after day we are surrounded by colors that affect us directly and indirectly, whether in our mood or in our emotions, and stated that choosing the color we wear can be an advantage. He explained, “Choosing the right color at all times is the best ally in our lives for physical, mental and emotional health.”

January and February are typically vacation months in many countries around the world, and it's a time when many people take the opportunity to redesign their homes. Paint maybe?

Warm colors: trend of 2024

In 2024, according to Pantone, warm colors are in trend. In fact, the “Color of the Year” is Peach Fuzz, a shade of peach that falls somewhere between pale orange and pink.

What does science say about using these tones? Painting walls in warm colors can create a welcoming and lively atmosphere in your home. These colors have a stimulating effect and give the impression of going ahead and standing out from the surface that contains them. This creates a feeling of closeness and lively, happy and active spaces.

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Many psychological studies University of Arizona “These emotional associations can vary according to culture, personal experience, and other individual factors. Furthermore, the combination of colors also affects emotional perception,” she notes.

Peach fuzz

In fact, the Ceresita paintingsThrough their color psychology campaign, “And you, what color do you need in your life?”, Chilean color experts seek to raise awareness about the importance of colors when choosing them. They offer advice on some common warm colors and the feelings they tend to evoke. We insist: Science indicates that color is not indifferent.

Detailing the effects of heat

Firstly, red increases strength and conveys feelings such as passion, love and energy. Use it sparingly as it can be a very bold colour. It can work well on a wall to make it stand out in a living room or dining room.

On the other hand, orange brings feelings such as joy and enthusiasm. It is ideal for social areas such as the living room or kitchen.

Yellow color increases alertness and concentration. In fact, this color is very important because it evokes sunshine and positivity. Perfect for places where you want to feel optimistic, such as the kitchen or entryway. Avoid very bright colors if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The color brown connects us to the earth and conveys feelings of stability, comfort and warmth. It can be excellent for creating a feeling of warmth and connection with nature. Works well in living rooms and bedrooms.

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