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The government re-installs the permanent negotiating table with SUS workers

The government re-installs the permanent negotiating table with SUS workers

Posted on 04/17/2023 10:56

(Credit: Ed Alves/CB/DA.Press)

On Monday (4/17), the Ministry of Health officially announced the re-installation of the permanent negotiating table for the SUS (One Health System). The decision was published in The official diary of the union (Give) Today, it was signed by the portfolio and the National Council of Health (CNS).

The table is a space for SUS servers to dialogue with government and private entities involved in management in shaping protocols that govern work in the public health network, in addition to meeting server requirements. The body was dismantled in 2019 by the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The return of the Diwan was held in an event last Wednesday (12), at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of the head of the portfolio, Nicia Trindade. “This moment is very special because, with the return of this agenda, we are truly restoring the SUS workers. In addition to issues related to labor management, decent work, wages and permanent education, we are also resuming all services, together with the community to rebuild the public health network,” the Minister announced on the occasion. .

Government, trade unions and employers

According to the decision published today, the Bureau has the following powers: to refer the consensus identified in the negotiations to the unions representing public or private SUS servers and managers; Provide guidance at the national level on the management of the work; Encouraging the establishment of negotiating tables at the municipal and state levels; And issuing protocols for managers and workers.

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Other ministerial portfolios also participate in the schedule, such as the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples, unions representing workers, state and municipal boards of health trustees, and private employers, who run institutions like Santas Casas. Meetings are scheduled every two months.

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