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Thiago Levert will only return next year. Maybe even on Globo. Who knows – Prism

Starting today, Tuesday, Andre Marquez will take over “The Voice Brasil” and qualify for the Grand Final of the programme, replacing Tiago Leifert.

Thiago announced, last September, that he will not renew his contract with Globo and that he intends to leave television at the end of his contract, in December.

However, driven by problems of a special nature, he was forced to anticipate his departure.

He’s run a marathon program in recent years, and now he’s only thinking about taking time out for himself and his family. Kind of disconnected from everything. This downtime, as known from the start, will in principle be until March or April of this next year.

Only then will you decide what to do. No precipitation and no one left in a vacuum or seeing ghosts on the wall.

The possibilities, in his case, are many, among many, even the possibility of returning to Globo, so why not?

All alternatives, including or primarily this one, must be considered.

Formula 1

The squad has a series of actions to promote the São Paulo F1 GP, on Sunday, at Interlagos.

Everyone who passes by Usina São Paulo, Marginal do Rio Pinheiros, crosses the Ary Torres Bridge or passes through Bandeirantes and Nações Unidas, is already seeing a McLaren-inspired Ayrton Senna replica. It weighs more than 200 kg and is lifted 40 meters off the ground by a crane.

Everything is normal

There were even those who fell out of their chair when they watched “Domingão”, on its latest show, broadcast an “old” interview between Fausto Silva and Marilia Mendonca.

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No big problem about it. Fausto remains associated with Globo until December 31.

And more…

The entire “Faustão na Band” campaign will be launched from January 1st.

Until then nothing can. But in the first minute of that day, yes, everything can be done.

a guest

At “Mais Você” on Wednesday, Anna Maria Braga will host narrator Milton Leight as a guest.

On the sports board of Felipe Andreoli, he will talk about the 30th anniversary of SportTV, which is celebrated on the same day as the interview.


I’ve never seen it before, so it’s worth a record: On Sunday, while her usual Globo News, on screen, she had a banner proclaiming “Domingão do Huck” on Globo.

Saying he was doing a special about Marilia Mendonca.

the moment

“Genesis” will have a special chapter, this Thursday, in the record.

Finally, the moment when Jose (Giuliano Laham) meets the brothers who sold him into slavery will be shown. It is really special.

first records

And yesterday, the recording of “Reese”, the next biblical production of Records, began on location in Paraná.

Some of the co-actors are Fernando Bavao, Karis Broome, Dudu Bellisari, Vanessa Bueno, Gisele Tigre, Deborah Sartori, Igor Kotrim, Kyria Malherus and Vinicius Reed.

climbing too

Actress and singer for the band Paranoika, and a name more associated with the stage, Carla Hill will make her first appearance in the television series, in “Race”.

It would also be his first recording act.


Paula Barlamaki, Ray Polster, and Kelner McDow recorded their last scenes in Globoplay’s “Secret Truths 2”.

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Little by little, the actors say goodbye to the sets, but with the order to keep the results in question confidential.


Shown on Record Nights, Canadian series Quando Chama o Coração is ending its fifth season this Wednesday, right after Genesis.

In the United States, production is preparing for a ninth season for next year.

an award

The reality show franchise Shore will have two actors at MTV EMA 2021.

Brazilian Ricardo Salos (Rio Shore) and Mexico’s Kareem Pinter (Acapulco Shore) have been confirmed to attend Sunday’s awards gala, live from Hungary and will be shown from 5 p.m., on MTV Brasil.

send a gift

Since the “Fofocalizador” on SBT is a product of the owner, Silvio Santos, he is always the one who decides everything, even at the last minute, as it usually happens.

But at the moment, there is no substitute for Anna Paula Reno. Followed by Chris Flores, Gabriel Cartolano, Fleur and Gabi Cabrini.

hit rebound

• Anderson Tomazini returned to the recording groups, as one of the heroes of the series “Todo de Boom”, directed by Ajax Camacho, for the live broadcast …

• … His last work on television was in the Walcyr Carrasco series “O Outros Lado do Paraíso”.

• In the wake of the “Round 6” series boom, Netflix released the first appearance of a new horror series straight from South Korea…

• … “Hell Prophecy,” directed by Yoon Sang Ho, reaches the stage on the 19th.

• Star + is looking forward to the premiere of “Dopesick” next Friday…

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• …the series is based on real events…

• …a concerned doctor (Michael Keaton) notes an increase in the number of patients addicted to opioids, most of whom are desperate workers.

• Marcos Mion withdrew from the project on Netflix. He preferred to prioritize Globo.

• Yesterday, the absence of SBT network from covering the tragedy of singer Marilia Mendonca…

• … you have fulfilled the schedule only in your TV news …

• … However, with the “É Sábado” team, SBT – Brasília has, within the limits of possibilities, done the best …

• … you had some problems, like a lack of GCs, but you did your part…

• …appeared to reporter Ariani Rolim. He used simplicity and was effective at improvisation.

• At home since 2016, CEO Nani Freitas has been announced as the new CEO of Endemol Shine Brasil.