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They’re for Them: Helena resorts to a low blow to keep Jonas away |  Come to me around – come

They’re for Them: Helena resorts to a low blow to keep Jonas away | Come to me around – come

Helena (Isabel Teixeira) is angry when she discovers that Jonas (Mateus Solano) is intent on filing for divorce – Elas por Elas — Photography: Globo

Jorge admits that he still loves Adriana

Helena discovers Jonas’ plan when she overhears a conversation between him and Giovanni (Philippe Bragança). Then, in a fit of rage, she went into the living room and started throwing things on the floor. Until the surprising moment is interrupted by a call from the hospital.

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Upon arriving at the hospital, Helena discovers the cause of Sergio’s (Marcos Caruso) illness: an irregular heartbeat. Even with her father hospitalized, she wasted no time talking about her husband:

“Jonas is planning to break up with me as soon as you get better. So…”

Helena (Isabel Teixeira) tells Sergio (Marcos Caruso) that she will take advantage of her father’s problem to detain Jonas (Mateus Solano) – Elas por Elas — Photo: Globo

“Oh my God! Try to get your husband back soon. I hate hospitals,” Sergio says, understanding his daughter’s plan.

“I’m going to manipulate Jonas. I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years, and I have training,” Helena warns.

Helena (Isabel Teixeira) lies and creates drama for Jonas (Mateus Solano) – Elas por Elas — Photography: Globo

When Jonas arrives home, Helena says that her father needs to have surgery on his heart and pretends to be shocked by the situation: “What’s going to happen to me, Jonas? […] I’m not ready. I lost my mother too soon! My father was everything to me.”

To complete the drama, she collapses in her husband’s arms and begins to cry.

“Don’t leave me, Jonas. Don’t leave me, not now. Please say you won’t leave me!”

Will the plan work?

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