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K Sea Ya released the first single “Crisálida” on an album dedicated to transforming consciousness

K Sea Ya released the first single “Crisálida” on an album dedicated to transforming consciousness

Singer, composer, performer and teacher of regenerative practices in the social field, multidisciplinary artist K Sea Ya begins her musical journey with the ongoing production of the composition album “Cantos para Transições”. “Crisálida”, which opens the album, will be available on major streaming platforms from October 13 (Friday). The clip is scheduled to be shown to the public on his YouTube channel on November 1.

According to the author, the song “is a ritual of zero, an introduction to the ritual of becoming of the concept of interpenetration, that is, the flowering of human-environmental consciousness”: “At a time when the world longs for significant content, ‘Chrysalis’ is a call to transform human and planetary consciousness through the individual and his inner sphere.” The work is a statement of prosperity,” shares the artist.

The self-explanatory name for a cocoon is an intermediate state that insects such as butterflies and moths develop. – A metaphor for the transformation of something latent, embryonic, ready to emerge from its essence into a new form. K Sea Ya presents original songs about life in the Anthropocene, which scientists describe as the current geological era affected by the impact of human actions on Earth’s ecosystems.

Still in production, the EP is inspired by themes including the artist’s observed rituals of transformation in her life and her journey of self-knowledge. The album “Cantos para Transitions” grew out of the ORI (Eight Initiatory Rites) series of performances, but awareness of the series came from meditation during the pandemic under the guidance of curator, journalist and writer Paulo Klein.

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“The cocoon is the awakening of memory. Of existential questions about who I am and where I am going. (…) These have been the driving forces behind my creative expression, inner transformation, and the moment we are experiencing collectively.

Duet with João Amorim, strings from “Quadrille”, arranged and produced by Kaito Marcondes.

“Crisálida” is the opening song of the album featuring João Amorim in duet. The young actor and composer is considered the musician’s “soul sister” and has been present since the conception of this song.

The musical production, as well as percussion and arrangements, are composed by the famous classical musician Kaito Marcondes. The song also features the string quartet “Quadril”. The music video is in production, directed by the artist herself, and aims to give a futuristic pop aesthetic, with references to her Brazilian origins. The clip is scheduled to be released on November 1 on YouTube.

Origins and influences of “Crisálida” and the EP “Cantos para Transições”

K Sea Ya is the founder and facilitator of the practice at Artcura Incubator alongside a group of artists, teachers, and mentors of the integrative and perpetual arts and philosophy. The platform has a common, multidisciplinary goal of educating participating creators about “desirable futures.” Multidisciplinary, the performer and composer came to create this track, which will accompany seven others on her EP, after 12 years of developing the performance body, as well as studies and research on art and regenerative practices in Brazil and the United States, where she has been based since 2015 in California.

Having knowledge and practice of Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism since 2008, she incorporates Interbeing (a neologism of Vietnamese Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) into her teaching, vocal and expressive practices.

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K Sea Ya is also a student of Sylvia Nakash, a Grammy®-nominated composer known for her style of sound yoga and from whom she has received guidance since her arrival in San Francisco, when she enrolled at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in the Certificate Unit for the Use of Music in Culturally Influenced Therapeutic Processes Shamanic, Oriental and scientific studies on the use of sound in treatments.

Another experience of the artist is dance, which led to the preparation of the body and the acquaintance with the “active body and living memory”: “I discovered the Silvestre technique in São Francisco, but in Salvador (BA) I delved into it.” “Instructed by Rosangela Silvestre (technology creator) and Vera Passos (co-creator),” says KC Ya, who also visited Brazilian ancestral memory places, where she learned about the communities, their cultures and their histories.

“In the United States, I discovered contemporary dance movement and performance with ritual and therapeutic depth with Anna Halperin. With Ana, I learned how to create a methodology and structure what I had already been developing in performance since Brazil.