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‘They ask if she’s my mother,’ say a couple with a 25-year age difference – Metro World News Brasil

‘They ask if she’s my mother,’ say a couple with a 25-year age difference – Metro World News Brasil

Monica Ketchum, 31, had just come out of queerness, fought with her family, and found refuge in her favorite former teacher, whom she met when she was 13.

Michelle Foster, 56, said she was always willing to support her alumni and was a pleasure to connect with.

It was August 2021 when the two met for lunch and the conversation lasted five hours, he explains UK Metro.

We got close and became great friends. We can talk about anythingMonica said about the first intimate contact with the teacher.

After that first contact, the forklift driver and creator said the friendship intensified and soon turned into something more.

“We’ve been in really dark places and finding someone you can relate to and feel safe.” explains the Big Rapids, Michigan resident.

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For Michelle, the feeling was caring from both ends. “You’ve always been an amazing caregiver, and one day she said to me ‘Let me take care of you.'” “I can’t say how good it was,” the teacher added.

The age difference is not a concern

Although the teacher, Michelle, was concerned about the 25-year age difference, this was not a problem for Monica.

“I’ve always been attracted to older people, so age has never been a thing to me” Find the young woman.

When they first met, Monica was 13 years old and said she thought Michelle was a good teacher.

“People always ask if she’s my mom. I recently even designed a t-shirt that says, ‘No, she’s not my mom’”Monica explained.

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The women have children from previous relationships and said their involvement made their relationship stronger than ever.

Now I just think how lucky I am to have such a sweet and wonderful soul to spend the rest of my days with.Michelle said.

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