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The security camera records the moment the cat goes to the clinic to seek help

The security camera records the moment the cat goes to the clinic to seek help

A veterinary clinic located in Orhangazi, Turkey, has a habit of serving young clients accompanied by their owners. But in late March, something extraordinary happened! An injured cat arrived alone at the scene and awaited medical attention. Hard to believe saying that, but it happened!

The external security camera of Doro Veterinary Clinic, the clinic that received the animal, I filmed the moment the cat crossed a busy street and headed to the location.

The poor guy injured one of his paws, and no one knows what happened.

Limping, my beloved entered the clinic. He needed to be seen by a doctor Amazingly he knew where to find help.

Some of the staff were sitting on the sidewalk catching some rays and when they noticed the cats entering the clinic on their own, they immediately ran afterward to help him.

Local residents said the clinic staff did not hesitate to care for the injured little animal.

“They intervened immediately and treated the injured cat’s foot,” the news agency said. Orhangazi TV. He stated that the cat, which was treated at the veterinary clinic that arrived on its own, was in good health.

The video was shared on a profile Facebook on Orhangazi TV on March 27, with over 9,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Doro Veterinary Clinic, and congratulate them for their kindness to the stray cat,” wrote one.

Another commented, “It was said that animals have minds, not thoughts, and now they have thoughts.”

paying off:

It was reported that the cat will remain in the clinic until she makes a full recovery.

On a rainy day in the city of Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, a mongrel also went to a veterinary clinic to ask for help to take cover.

And, of course, the veterinarian Isadora Gomez did not deny the shelter.

In an interview with I love my petThe doctor said: “He was shivering at the entrance to the clinic, trying to protect himself from the rain, and then I saw him and decided to open the door.”

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