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These two fermented drinks will improve bowel regularity

These two fermented drinks will improve bowel regularity

hidden within your walls Digestivethere is a fascinating “brain” that completely changes the way we understand the links between digestion, well-being and mood and intertwines with cognition.

The proper functioning of the intestines is vital to our overall health and well-being. The intestines play a major role in the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients for our body.

It houses a variety of beneficial microorganisms, which make up the so-called gut microbiota and play an important role in the health of the immune system, in the production of vitamins and in maintaining a healthy balance in our body.

Therefore, it is important that we turn our attention to gut health. As an aid, there are two fermented beverages that experts recommend.

Nutritionists Dr. Haseeb, a digestion expert at HealthKeeda.com, highlighted the importance of fermented beverages like Kombucha and Kefir in promoting a healthy gut.

According to them, these drinks are rich in probiotics, which help balance the intestinal flora and improve digestion.

These two fermented drinks will relieve your bowels

First of all, Kombucha is a fermented drink made from the tea of ​​the same name, which undergoes a fermentation process with the addition of a culture of bacteria and yeast.

This fermentation produces probiotics, namely bacteria Good for the intestines. Kombucha also contains digestive enzymes and organic acids that aid digestion and nutrient absorption.

Kefir is a fermented beverage made from kefir grains, which are a mixture of bacteria and yeast. These grains are added to milk or other liquids, where fermentation takes place.

Kefir is rich in probiotics, including different strains of beneficial bacteria that contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora.

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Fermented beverages, kombucha and kefir, can help promote gut health by strengthening the microbiota and improving digestive function.

They can also help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve mood.