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There is no Play Store!  Android 12 should facilitate the use of third-party stores

There is no Play Store! Android 12 should facilitate the use of third-party stores

While watching a file Apple is locked in a long legal battle with Epic Games And other developers, Google decided to expect and should facilitate the use of a third-party store on Android 12.

According to the search giant itself, the intent is to allow these stores Automatically install app updatesAnd the Something that has already been implemented by the Play Store.

It might sound simple, but apps that download from third-party stores always ask the user’s explicit permission to install an update. Google considered this procedure a “security layer”.

According to XDA owners, the first beta of Android 12 actually allows these stores to install app updates without user intervention. However, for this to happen safely, Google must retain some control of the situation.

This is because Android 12 code demonstrates this The developers and their stores will need to follow some guidelines To ensure user safety:

  • The third-party store should only use this feature with apps that use Android 10 or higher APIs
  • The update can only be installed on an application that is already available on the user’s mobile phone
  • Store must have permission to use “Update Package without user action”

As we can see, the last condition clarifies that Google should closely monitor the performance of these stores. The search giant says on its official blog:

We also fulfilled our promise to make third-party app stores easier to use on Android 12. Many of these features are available today on Android 12 Beta, Pixel, and other devices.