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“There are reports that the Queen has a secret Facebook account,” reveals royals expert - Metro World News Brasil

“There are reports that the Queen has a secret Facebook account,” reveals royals expert – Metro World News Brasil

Have you ever wondered how celebrities deal with social media. There are, of course, those who choose to maintain a profile on the major public and authenticated platforms, but we know that these profiles only show what the communication and image strategy of these people allows. It’s no different with members of the royal family: sources have already revealed to experts in the British royal family that Queen Elizabeth II and other family members keep secret profiles, called “fake accounts”, to access networks without having to access the official profile.

“There are reports that the Queen has a secret Facebook account, which I can’t believe because she’s 95 years old,” Jonathan Sacredotti said, in an interview with Us Weekly. “So sometimes I have issues with new technology, but it seems quite capable of taking this stuff. We’ve seen her during lockdown with all Zoom calls and video calls. And now, since her health isn’t as good as it was in the past, she’s been doing more that way. And now.” Getting to know more about our Facebook account, Sacerdotti added: “It’s great to think about how quickly and easily these new technologies can be acquired.”

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But what can the Queen of the United Kingdom do with a Facebook account? Sacerdoti says if she’s on social media, she’s probably using it “like the rest of us,” which we assume means staying in touch with friends and family.

If the Queen is on Facebook (or any social media), she is almost certainly present under a code name that only the most intimate members of her inner circle know about. When Harry was dating Meghan Markle, for example, he was supposed to have a top-secret Instagram account where his username was “SpikeyMau5”.

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“We don’t know the Queen’s nickname here and we also don’t know how many friends she has, because she hasn’t accepted my request yet,” the specialist joked. “But we also learned from this book about Meghan and Harry, written by Omid Scobie, that Harry had a secret Instagram account with the username ‘SpikeyMau5’, which was deleted shortly after, I think. But we do know that Meghan apparently started following the account Instagram this is around the time they started dating. But of course, even those who viewed her account didn’t know it was Prince Harry,” Jonathan Sacredotti concluded.