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What happened to Poliana Abreta?  Moderator removed from Fantástico - Zoeira

What happened to Poliana Abreta? Moderator removed from Fantástico – Zoeira

wonderful anchor, Poliana Abrita She was replaced by Ana Paula Araujo on Sunday (26), after the presenter felt flu symptoms. She and her husband, journalist Chico and Alkasser, both displayed symptoms, and due to station protocols, the presenter ended up being banished from the last year’s edition of the show, causing a backstage rush.

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Anna Paola, who drives Good morning Brazil, integrates the team of alternative presenters for the electronic magazine. She expected the return of the Christmas holidays to cover the absence of her colleague.

The reason for changing the anchors during the attraction is not mentioned, but it was revealed by the site pop tv. On her Instagram profile, the official introduction stated that she will be seeing the cuteness from home.

“There is no sofa, I will curl up in the hammock to wait for the show da Vida, which today is in charge of my dear Ana Paula Araujo! And look, I left you a gift! I think it’s in the second block! Check it out, director?!” he wrote, pointing to the frame The traditional interview with teenagers (who were children at the beginning of the report) and asking the same 100 questions.

On the other hand, Anna Paola used networks Celebrate this opportunity. “Half! Soon there Shu Da Vida, wish everyone!”.

During the week, Poliana Abreta co-produced the Sunday edition and appeared in press calls as a natural. But according to the portal the newsI’m starting to feel bad hours before starting from gravity.

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The journalist runs Shu Da Vida Since 2015. During this period, the program presented side by side Thaddeus Schmidt For six years, he is currently sharing the bench with Maju Coutinho. The two made history: It’s the first time Fantástico has had two anchors, without any men.

The former Journal news anchor is set to lead the first Fantastico 2022 and because of that, she cannot replace her teammate on Sunday.

Until this article was posted, Globo had not commented on the matter.