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The XP graphics portfolio has already resulted in Ibovespa's weakness;  See stocks for July - Money Times

The XP graphics portfolio has already resulted in Ibovespa’s weakness; See stocks for July – Money Times

For July, XP has switched the role of JBS to enter Marfrig (Photo: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

The XP Investimentos It released its monthly value portfolio, which is formulated based on technical analysis, in order to monitor the flow and trend of the securities.

The portfolio consists of five stocks that will remain in the formation throughout the month, which will be revalued

for the month of July, XP role changed JBS (JBSS3) To enter Marfrige (MRFG3).

According to analyst Jiba Koelu, who signed the report, MRFG3 It has a support test in the R$12 area, and it could go back to R$14 or R$16.40.

Since January 2021, the cumulative profitability in the period is 49.42%, while the profitability in Ibovespa It rose 24.02% in the same period.

Watch Giba Coelho’s Comments

ITUB4: It is in the lower Bollinger band test indicating a rebound at R$25.20 or R$27.00. Support at 20.82 BRL

EQTL3: It is in a long-term uptrend and may regain BRL 25 or BRL 27. Support is at 20.50 R$.

VALE3: It is located in the support area at 72.40 R$ and can return R$ 83 or R$ 90

PETR4: It is in an uptrend with expectations of R$30.25 or R$32.70. Good support at R$25.90 and R$24.36

MRFG3: The support tested at 200 mm in the region of 12.00 RRL and can be refunded 14.00 RRL or 16.40 RRL.

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