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The workers forgot about 562 million reais.  Consult your status

The workers forgot about 562 million reais. Consult your status

We know that Brazil is going through a sensitive moment in many areas, especially in the economy. Inflation makes Brazilian purchasing power Much less than usual, then Invoices You may end up accumulating more than you can buy.

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This is the time when no one can waste, lose or waste forget money. Because of this, the government is working to remind Brazilians that, believe it or not, there are still values ​​that many people have forgotten to try to acquire.

These numbers add up to R$562 million. It belongs to PIS/Pasep and refers to amounts accrued because workers did not recover them when they were saved, according to a Ministry of Labor and Social Security notification.

While the Social Integration Program (PIS) was created for those working in public companies, the Public Employees Asset Generation Program (Pasep) targets workers in the private sector.

Caixa Econômica Federal pays the first, while Banco do Brasil pays the second.

The government also reminds you that in order for a professional to be entitled to receive this amount, he must have at least one registration, regardless of how long it was registered, as long as it is over 30 days and has been for five years.

In addition, it is wanted The citizen must have spent at least 39 days registered in the primary payment year. The current pay year is 2020. Therefore, the person must have worked in the registry for at least one month.

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Those who worked throughout 2020 will get the refund Maximum Of the benefit: 1,212 R$, i.e. minimum wage.

The ministry also informed that of the total amount still to be paid to workers, R$ 248 million refers to PIS. There are about 252,699 people who need to have it.

In BASEP, there are 314.8 million Rls that 596,917 people have not yet withdrawn. Despite the high number of citizens requiring payments, what is known so far is that more than 97% of payments have already been made.

How do you pull?

Those entitled to the benefit can go in person to a Caixa or Banco do Brasil branch, depending on whether you are a public or private employee. In addition, it is also possible to send an email, use the app or phone to request payment.

What a person must remember is that if he chooses to withdraw cash, he must go to one of the service units of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Find out who these are number eligible for compensation:

  • domestic worker (a);
  • rural workers employed by individuals;
  • city ​​workers employees for every body
  • Workers hired by an individual equivalent to a legal entity.