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Media and Marketing #143: Thais Souza Nicolau, Director of Mercado Livre - 08/08/2022

Media and Marketing #143: Thais Souza Nicolau, Director of Mercado Livre – 08/08/2022

What does it look like to take care of communications that don’t sell a specific product, but need a strong brand to be remembered all the time? This week’s Media and Marketing Program welcomes Taís Souza Nicolau, Mercado Lever’s Brand Director across Latin America. See the full interview above.

“Being a marketplace has always been part of our core. Today, in addition to connecting entrepreneurs with consumers, we also connect great brands with consumers. In the past two years, we’ve had a moment to bring great brands to the platform, like Nike, Hering and Camicado, among others. ‘, as the Thais say (from 6:45).

Currently, Mercado Livre has 80 million unique users in Latin America, 69 million of them in Brazil – and it has 22 million products available on its sales platform.

“We live in a very big conflict over space on people’s mobile phones,” he says. “We need to solve the problem of people’s lives.” (from 9:53).

For this, the executive suggests 3 ways: introduce new categories of products within the platform, reduce delivery time, and keep the application interesting, while creating “live commerce” with discounts, for example.

The Thais say: “Today it is much more difficult to get people’s attention. This conflict begins with more personalized original content, which leads to much more results. The evolution of communication passes through this” (from 2:40 pm).

“We always seek to relate to someone who, no matter their size, respects others. I don’t sell politics, so I need to relate to people who are willing to talk about our issues. Says CEO. (from 27:55).

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