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The women discover that they are married to the same man and a surprising decision

Two women discover they are married to the same man and make a surprising decision: to split him up.

According to Extra, the unidentified man, an engineer, left his wife at her parents’ home, in Gwalior (India), during the Covid-19 pandemic, and went to do a long-term job in Gurugram, in the same country, where he could not take his partner, who got married in 2018. .

Two years passed and the husband did not return, so the wife went to his company’s office in Gurugram. She finds out that the engineer married another woman, and he ended up having a daughter. After an ugly public quarrel, the woman went straight to the family court in Gwalior.

Counselor Harish Diwan said that the engineer had already refused in court to give up his second wife. After a long conversation, the trio ended up coming to an unusual agreement involving the pair. Now, each Indian woman will have an engineer for three days, and on Sunday, the conflicted will decide who to stay with.

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