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The UK bans ‘treatment’ that seeks to change LGBTQ + sexual orientation

Photo: Archive / AFP

The UK will ban alternative therapies, which will encourage LGBTQ + people to change their gender identity. In addition, the government will provide more support to the community and ensure that victims receive the assistance they need in practice.

The announcement was made during a speech by Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of a new session of the British Parliament. This issue has been under discussion in the UK for a long time. In 2018, Theresa May pledged to end alternative therapies as part of a plan to anticipate gender equality in the country.

However, the LGBTQ community was concerned about the delay in the process and the advisers resigned from their posts in the government advisory body on the matter.

Under pressure, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to take action to ban practices that were considered “hateful and harmful.” Prior to the move, a consultation will be held in the UK and Wales with the aim of mitigating the effects and engaging in conversations with professionals, teachers and parents.

There is no definition of what is considered “alternative therapy”. A government survey was conducted in 2018, and about 5% of respondents said they had some involvement in treatment. The practices were generally conducted by religious groups.

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