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The 'Traitors' finale will be shown in the UK in selected cinemas, and anticipation for tonight's finale has reached fever point.

The 'Traitors' finale will be shown in the UK in selected cinemas, and anticipation for tonight's finale has reached fever point.

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains details from the final episodes Traitors.

Super fans Traitors England They will have the option of heading to their local movie theater to watch the highly anticipated Season 2 finale on Friday.

So far, four independent cinemas in London and regional UK cities have launched special screenings of the BBC game show. These cinemas are Catford Mews and Ealing Project cinemas in London, and Mockingbird Cinema and Reading Biscuit Factory in Birmingham. This may be the first time a show of this kind has been shown in theatres.

Mockingbird Cinema designed its show as a 140-minute “watching party.” “Join us at the end Traitors The theater listing says “Season 2 on the big screen.” Tickets for the show cost just £1 ($1.28), and the cinema said all profits will be donated to charity. Tickets to the other three cinemas are free. As expected, all four theaters created a diverse range of productions. traitor– Snacks and associated drinks, including poisoned beverage cups.

the second season Traitors, The series, which airs three episodes a week at 9pm GMT (1pm PT), is causing great excitement at the BBC. Last week, we reported that a midweek episode attracted 4.4 million viewers; This is a record number.

This record surpassed last night's record of 4.7 million and reflects the fact that Season 2's reputation has grown over the course of its run. BBC iPlayer ratings far exceeded the numbers for the show, which was broadcast three days a week for four weeks.

Tonight, viewers who have crossed 5 million for the first time in the show's history will tune in to find out whether Harry or Andrew are traitors as they face off against remaining loyalists Jaz, Molly and Evie. Jazz has her eyes on Harry, and what matters now is whether he can live up to his beliefs.

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The equivalent episode from last year saw traitorous Kieran deliver his dramatic 'parting gift' line; This was the downfall of his traitorous friend Wilf, who until then had managed to keep his traitorous identity a secret throughout the series.

Traitors Produced by Studio Lambert, producer of Squid Game: The Challenge, and supported by All3Media. The US version is currently not available on Peacock.