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The thief disguised as a police officer for robbing the US embassy

The thief disguised as a police officer for robbing the US embassy

A convicted civilian police officer poses for access to a couple in a house rented by the U.S. embassy in the Dom Bosco Mansions Sector (SMDB) in Lagos Zul. The trial took place on Monday (4/4) at 10pm.

The column found that one of the suspects, already inside the property, was seen by a 21-year-old woman. The son of embassy staff was with her boyfriend, a 21-year-old American.

When asked what he was doing at the scene, the thief identified himself as a civilian police officer and said he was investigating a crime at the scene.

After a while, the robber’s accomplice grabbed the iron bar and began to investigate where the money was. The victims were taken to the office when the two searched the house.

Without finding any valuables, the suspects took the hostages to a package. They began to inquire about the place where they were supposed to be safe and asked for valuables.

The young man showed me where the jewelry was kept. Despite their cooperation, the couple was threatened throughout the operation and had to keep their heads down. The enraged teachers even said that if they did not find anything, they would take the boy with them.

The robbers who broke into the house opposite also counted and abandoned. They escaped with a pair of diamond earrings and 400 ringgit.

The theft case is being investigated with independent restraint by 10th Police Station (South Lake). The culprits have not yet been found.