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The site reveals the percentage of subscribers to each streaming service

The site reveals the percentage of subscribers to each streaming service

A rating from the German website “JustWatch” shows the percentage of each service. flow In Brazil within the world of subscribers.

Again, this is the percentage of subscribers, not time consumption.

It also does not include video services such as YouTube, etc., Two items obtained by the previous data column last week

By the beginning of April, Kantar Ibope announced that it will start revealing to its Brazilian customers the ibope for each service. This is already happening in the UK.

According to “JustWatch”, in the world of Brazilian streaming subscribers, Netflix tops 30% of subscriptions. In second place is (Amazon) Prime with 23%, followed by Disney + with 12%.

Next comes HBO Max with 9% and only then Globoplay with 7% of subscribers, followed by Telecine Play (5%), Young Star + (4%) and other unspecified services with 10%. You are

Additionally, the data below ranges from January to September. In November, for example, Globoplay had already surpassed HBO Max (8% x 7%).

As reported in this June column, “JustWatch” also confirms that everything Streaming services are starting to show a drop in Brazilian subscribers.

Officially, Netflix, Globoplay, or any other service has never revealed its total subscribers, but last October, a report leaked, due to a government error, that Netflix would have more than 19 million subscribers in the country.

In other words, the economic crisis and unemployment have also reached streaming subscriptions, not just pay-TV.

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