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The waitress earns R$25,000 in tip and is fired |  exercise

The waitress earns R$25,000 in tip and is fired | exercise

There are customers who insist on rewarding good service. Often, the “tipping” is not much, but it can help increase the income of the takers.

But a waitress from Bentonville, Arkansas, United States, received a tip of $4,400 (about R$25,000). But the joy was short-lived: she was eventually fired because of the amount received.

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Entrepreneur Grant Wise posted the moment on Instagram when he announced to people at the restaurant that each customer at their table would give $100. Employee Ryan Brandt looks emotional and starts crying and hugging Wise. She was already planning to use the money to pay off debts.

However, the head waitress said she should split the money with her co-workers. But Ryan did not accept. According to her, in the three and a half years that I worked in the restaurant, there was no division of tips among employees.

Brandt told The Sun he was “devastated” by the situation. “I was told that I should give my money to the shift manager and that I would only get 20% of the value of the house,” he said. (Ministry of Labor)

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