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The short film “Italian Disagreement” will be screened in November

The short film “Italian Disagreement” will be screened in November

Early last October, the Brazilian short film “Desavença Italiana” won the BIFF Boundary Breaker Award at the International Film Festival held in Buffalo, United States. The production will be released for free viewing in Brazil through the Vimeo platform, in November, with publicity via the link https://vimeo.com/nortesetembroprodutora. This is the sixth short film by director Paulo Miranda, who was born in Mogi Mirim, studied in Campinas and now lives and works in São Paulo as a producer. Now, he has begun devoting himself to the script of his first feature film, which is expected to be completed between 2025 and 2026, with a theme focusing on chaotic urbanism.

“Desavença Italiana” is an 11-minute adaptation of the short story of the same name by Marcelo Rubens Paiva and features actors Kiko Vianello and Natalia, says Paolo Miranda, who completed the screenplay for the award-winning short film during the pandemic. Lorda. He reveals that the story motivated him “because it contains unusual, provocative, relevant and fresh dialogue.” Miranda was responsible for the script, production, direction and editing, and was able to carry out the recordings in just two days, in March 2022. The world premiere was held in October of last year in North Carolina (USA), where it was chosen as the Best Comedy Award at the award ceremony. Southern Shorts Awards. So far, it has been selected to participate in eleven festivals abroad, but in Brazil it has not been shown in any festival yet. The story is told in a comedic style, narrated in a dialogue between a couple whose wife proposes a separation to her husband and he accepts. “An unusual and interesting conversation in which a couple reveals themselves and exposes dark desires and their true sides,” says the producer.

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Visual artist, illustrator and animator Renato Stegun, also a cartoonist and advertiser, maintains his own illustration and animation studio in Campinas. He was responsible for the animation that concludes the story and for the art on the promotional poster for “The Italian Dispute.” Regarding the awards he won internationally, he said that he finds it “wonderful that a 100% national work reaches recognition outside the country, as happens with this short film.” He adds: “This reinforces the importance, quality and potential of our production in the field of arts. I feel very proud to be part of work like this.”

Stigon, who has worked as an illustrator for more than 20 years, had a short spell at the RAC Group, producing artwork for newspapers. Popular PostDiario do Povo and Gazeta de Ribeirão, in addition Metropolis Magazine.

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