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The Science of Happiness is the topic of an online event

The Science of Happiness is the topic of an online event

Pacto Lajeado pela Paz invites the community to have a conversation with the founder of the International Happiness Conference and the head of the Brazilian School of Holistic Sciences, Gustavo Arnes. The meeting will be via a live broadcast scheduled for Tuesday 2/2/2019 at 7.30 pm on the Instagram page @pactolajeadopelapaz.

Under the slogan “The Science of Happiness in Difficult Times”, the professional seeks to bring lightness and strength at the same time so that the Vale do Taquari community can go through the current situation after the floods.

For him, the need for happiness makes people always search for this feeling. Therefore, he highlights that one cannot let moments of sadness, bitterness, anger and suffering make a person give up what he is looking for. Arens also mentions that understanding and accepting these feelings makes it possible to overcome difficulties more quickly.

For difficult moments

Tania Fröhlich Rodrigues, coordinator of the Prevention Hub of Pacto Lajeado pela Paz, follows the live broadcast alongside Arns. She says the professional made himself available for the program, sensitive to what the area was going through during that period. “The Charter wanted to welcome this support and this affection and attention from Gustavo, who has already participated during the pandemic in life and other moments to strengthen us.”

Tania points out that the topic was chosen to discuss how to create habits of happiness and self-care during difficult times. “We had a lot of sadness, a lot of emotions, but also many situations that brought us happiness. In the face of this challenge, support, hugs and community interaction, small achievements also become great reasons for happiness.

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The aim is also to strengthen all Charter programs and methodologies. Since social and emotional learning, restorative justice, positive parenting, and dynamics with youth programs intensified during this period.

Tania confirms that the team was more interactive so that it could contribute to different situations in the community, families and schools.


“The Science of Happiness in Hard Times” with Gustavo Arens

  • Date: Tuesday (02/07)
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: Instagram @pactolajeadopelapaz