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6 Signs Your Gym Is “Kicking You Out” Without You Realizing It

6 Signs Your Gym Is “Kicking You Out” Without You Realizing It

During his tour, Dominski saw a gym with several sofas at the reception and another with pool tables and a foosball table, strategies that encourage integration and coexistence.

“At first glance, a lot of people might think that the gym is not the place for this, but there is an intention to create emotional connections there,” he explains.

For him, the ideal would also be clarity, preferably with natural light, moderate music and a variety of equipment.

As for relationships, Araujo says health and physical education professionals should look for people’s genuine interest in physical exercise. “For one person, it might be not feeling pain, and for another, it might be good enough to play with children,” says the psychologist from Unifor (University of Fortaleza).

Taking into account the quality motives, Dominski says that the environment should be inclusive and comprehensive with adequate supervision of professionals. The practitioner should also have the autonomy to choose the type of exercise according to the guidelines.

How to exercise frequently

First, know that weight training in gyms is not the only option. Depending on your condition, look for other possibilities, including exercising at home or outdoors.

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