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The Philco blender promises to crush ice and costs R0;  Yes?

The Philco blender promises to crush ice and costs R$130; Yes?

I really liked it, it’s big and very sturdy, delivery is great, buy it without fear. So far, zero defects. Vivian, under assessment in Magalo

Arrived on time. Well packed. Excellent blender. Strong cup. Silent. The product is exactly as described in the ad. Very satisfied! Suely, under review on Amazon

Points of interest

Other users reported dissatisfaction with the material of the blender and the burning smell during use. See consumer reviews:

The product met my expectations, except for the fact that the material of the cup and internal filter seemed too fragile to me. The fans work well, and I found noise to be OK, even at higher speeds (I’ve used up to six fans at the moment). The filter worked really well, but to make pineapple juice, for example, I still needed to filter it, because there was a lot of juice left inside the filter itself, not just the fruit pomace. The lid closes so well that it is difficult to install and open, and the power cord is difficult to store inside the base. Monica Herculano, under review on Amazon

The blender is very sturdy and easy to clean, now I found that the filter and lid are made of very weak material, it could be more resistant and not easy to install, but the blender is good. Fabiana Souza, under review on Amazon

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