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The pawns think the production will kick someone out

The pawns think the production will kick someone out

After the outfit is delivered, The production asked bystanders to recreate the look of today’s party at “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV).

In the room, the internees wondered why and speculated that some participants might be expelled. The return came after the discussion between Cheyenne and Thiago.

“Tiago, do you remember if he touched you?” Vinnie asked. “Oh, now I can’t remember,” said the player. “But to you I felt and went there to ask, ‘Something happened,’” Deolane said of the pawn who went to speak to the production after the discussion.

“There came a time when I had to push him [Shay]. So I told him to turn away and he said, “Oh, hold on to your friend,” Finney said.

Thiago then revealed what happened when he spoke to the production. “Man, even the screen there when talking was different. It was black and red.”

“Let’s wait, there’s no point in this pain,” Dylan said.

“So, they analyze it. The process is: the program directive is passed to the legal department of the registry and the legal department will speak if something is against the rules or not,” Vini stated.

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