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Diário Oficial divulgou HOJE lei para criação de novo empréstimo para a população

The Official Gazette released the TODAY law to create a new loan for residents, check it out

The Federal Government has passed the law enabling the Simplification of Digital Microcredit for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital) program. The goal is to strengthen the population’s access to a new loan, as well as to expand the mechanisms that ensure the granting of microcredit to entrepreneurs.

Do you want to know how your new credit line works? So keep following us below to find out all the details we broke for you!

The Official Gazette issued a law today to create a new loan for the population / Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

The Official Gazette publishes the new loan law

Initially, the project, which was converted into Law No. 14,438, changed the procedures for the collection and management of the Stop Compensation Fund (FGTS), which can now be used to acquire shares in the Microfinance Guarantee Fund (FGM). In this way, a new credit operation can be made, however, the fund will not have any collateral or guarantee from Diário da União.

According to information from the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the initiative aims to create mechanisms that stimulate the population to entrepreneurship and formalize small businesses, through tools that guarantee credit for the completion of projects.

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How does a digital SIM card work?

In short, the law specifies that SIM Digital-related operations have lower interest rates, as well as a maximum term of 24 months to repay the loan. For those undertaking rural or urban productive activities, the amount to be issued will be R$1,500, while individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) will receive R$4,500. In addition, the document also states that the operations will specifically target women.

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In contrast, the incentives target individual micro-entrepreneurs who earn up to R$81,000 annually, micro-entrepreneurs who earn up to R$360,000 annually, and micro-entrepreneurs who earn between R$360,000 and R$4.8 million. Apart from these benefits, the program also aims to encourage social security integration and formalization for low-income entrepreneurs.

Although Fundo Garantidor de Microfinanças (FGM) was set up by Caixa Econômica Federal, any bank will be able to provide resources with a guarantee from the fund, since, according to the Secretariat, the program’s resources come from the financial institutions that participated in the work and will be financed Loans in their own right.

Finally, the federal government expects the new digital SIM-SIM line of credit to benefit approximately 4.5 million entrepreneurs once it becomes popular.

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