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The new update will increase the power of the Xbox Series S

The new update will increase the power of the Xbox Series S

The new Xbox Series

According to a report from Taketown, AMD is teaming up with Microsoft to make FSR 3 Frame Generator available on Xbox Series X|S by the end of the year. The document also indicates that the first game to use this technology will be Xbox exclusive Indiana Jones and Starfield, which was announced at the beginning of the year. The version to be launched is AMD FidelityFX Supersolution 3.1, which promises to significantly improve image quality and reduce noise.

However, this technology is not yet available for PC and will be distributed to developers in the next quarter. The document also highlights the need to implement the Vulkan architecture in the new Xbox development kit, which was not viable with the original kits. FSR 3.1 on Microsoft consoles could compete with the rumored PSSR, an upscaling system from Sony that aims to deliver 8K gaming at 60 frames per second.

It's important to remember that FSR 3 is already in use in the PC version of Starfield, providing a noticeable performance improvement. In internal tests using the RX 6600 at Full HD resolution and medium graphics settings, we noticed poor performance as low as 120 fps. AMD's frame generator works “differently” than NVIDIA's DLSS 3.

AMD has chosen to use artificial intelligence to generate frames and reduce visual issues and latency, and this functionality is limited to RTX 40 series graphics cards only.

However, unlike DLSS 3, FSR 3 uses an interpolation system, which aims to add an extra frame between two frames generated by the game engine. It's a much cheaper and more practical solution, and works on all video cards, including its competitor NVIDIA. However, the AMD solution tends to generate more hits, something that may be reduced with the release of FSR 3.1.

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