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A new realistic game from Unreal Engine 5 that puts you in control of an army of ants!  Watch the trailer

A new realistic game from Unreal Engine 5 that puts you in control of an army of ants! Watch the trailer

Video games are the only place in entertainment that allows you to be whoever you want – and believe me, you can truly be anything. Have you ever imagined, for example, controlling a small ant leading a large army of insects? Also in Ant empire This is completely possible.

Inspired by a science fiction novel Les Formesby Bernard Werber, in Ant empire You'll be an ant, leading the colony, and you'll have to guide your companions through a variety of different scenarios, fighting against different predators and other threats – as well as surviving the seasons, such as extreme cold or extreme cold. Scorching heat.

The new trailer shared by Tower Five highlights all the work being done in the game – and the graphic quality is truly different. If you've ever imagined what it's like to be a little ant, this might be the moment for you. Check it below:

Empire of the Ants uses Unreal Engine 5

With stunning graphics built on the Unreal Engine 5, developer Tower Five's focus is on representing a realistic world that addresses all the possible situations a small ant could encounter during its life. Considering that the development team is small, the work looks really promising.

in Ant empireyou will explore a vast map full of different obstacles and challenges, fight alongside your companions and even collaborate with other insects, such as slugs and beetles, to thrive and become the largest ant empire in someone's backyard.

You will be able to form partnerships with other insects in Empire of the Ants.source: steam

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It's safe to assume based on the video that the game will also feature a day and night system that will influence the game design in some way. It's a very interesting concept and seems to explore the best of Unreal Engine 5 in terms of graphics.

The game will be released in 2024 for consoles and PC – Although the date has not been officially confirmed yet. Promising, isn't it?

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